Save energy while showering.

There is an extremely high amount of energy in hot water. Just one minute of showering requires more energy than is needed for all electronic devices for a whole day. The best thing about this is: No other activity can achieve greater savings through conscious behaviour every day and with such little effort.

That is the reason we developed amphiro: the intelligent consumption meter for the shower. amphiro displays water and energy consumption directly while showering and thus promotes greater awareness of energy. The result is significant savings and the satisfaction of knowing you have done something positive for the environment.



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Great savings potential.

A 3-person household can save an average of 645 kWh per year with amphiro. This corresponds to the annual household consumption for all lighting or entertainment electronics. These savings were determined in a study for the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) and have been confirmed in 3,000 households to date. People who shower frequently save considerably more.

Simple to install.

Amphiro can be installed between the showerhead and the shower hose in less than a minute. A battery is not required as Amphiro generates energy directly from the water flow.

Evaluate the data and share via your smartphone.

amphiro b1 connect can be synchronised to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The free amphiro app prepares the data on water and energy consumption in the form of analogies and trend statistics. Moreover, it enables you to compare yourself with friends, supports personal consumption goals and determines how much water and energy you save.

amphiro pays for itself.

amphiro pays for itself in less than a year through reductions in energy, drinking water and waste water. This makes a double contribution to the environment.

Credible, rooted in science.

Amphiro is a spin-off of ETH Zurich.