This is how it works

Energy from the flow of water.

The flow of water drives a small generator. This supplies the electronics with power and at the same time serves as a sensor for the water volume. The world’s first energy self-sufficient sensors and communication modules for individual fittings are the fruits of intensive research and development work.

Data as motivation.

Data alone does not satisfy consumers nor result in savings. Our feedback instruments are therefore based on a precise balance of “nudges” (gentle prods in the direction of the desired behaviour), which we have tested and coordinated during studies involving over 3,000 households and more than 400,000 showers. With Amphiro, real-time feedback goes hand in hand with social standards, goal setting and playful competitive components. It is only in this way that the technology is able to develop its desired effect and motivate the users to reduce their energy consumption while showering.

View data and share it.

The third element is the amphiro cloud. It is perfectly coordinated with the energy self-sufficient sensors, offers interfaces to web portals and mobile devices and performs the analytic tasks for user engagement. The user data is stored in highly efficient research centres in Switzerland. The Amphiro user thus saves approximately 100,000 times more energy than the operation of the infrastructure requires.